Our Credentials

We were the first to:

•   Do Parasailing in Chennai - 1998

•   Run Scuba Diving courses in Chennai - 1999

•   Do Parasailing on the Marina Beach - 2001

•   Set up an integrated adventure sports & OBT site at Silversand - Mahabalipuram - 2001

•   To build an artificial rock-wall - 2001

•   To conduct an annual inter-corporate adventure trophy called "SADYA" as a fund raiser for "Vidya Sagar"- 2002.

•   Organise a 4 x 4 off roading competion  - "The Palar Challenge" - 2006

•   Get ISO 9001-2008 certification - 2010

In Addition

•   In the last year alone we have conducted over 110 OBTs, with a clear track record

•   We have done thousands of Parasail launches & have a 100% injury-free record

•   Our activities are so safe that even wheelchair bound children from Vidya Sagar have gone Parasailing with us

•   Our youngest participant has been 4 years old & the oldest 78

•   We have been conducting camps for corporates, schools, colleges, NCC units and the Defence Services regularly since 1998

•   Our rates provide the best value for money compared to similar organisations, including Govt subsidised ones.

If you find other organisations conducting similar activities, please:

•   Check the air-time of the Parasail flight

•   Confirm the no of crew per participant, the quality of their training as well as their experience and duration of service in the company

•   Verify the safety precautions

•   Verify the quality & maintenance of the equipment

•   Ask about the frequency of their programs

•   Ask for a demo and site visit

•   Do speak to their last few clients for testimonials