Swimming Pool

•   The pool is 80 ft long and 30 ft wide

•   It is a flat 4 ft deep only. This makes it very safe even for non-swimmers

•   The water is sparkling clear

•   The water quality is monitored 3 times a day to maintain the correct Ph and Chlorine levels. This ensures that your eyes dont burn, turn red or your hair get stiff, no matter how long you stay in the water

•   We have many pool based activities for our OBTs; Raft building, Bridge building, Canoeing, Kayaking, River crossing, etc

•   A session costs Rs 600/- per head, plus taxes.  This covers, equipment, crew and instructions

•   A casual session costs Rs 250/- per hour, per head, including taxes

•   In an OBT its not the individual skill or effort in the activity that is important. What is of essence is the way in which the team deals with    certain situations and issues

•   These reactions of the team are observed by the facilitator and are used to highlight the KRAs and bring out the lessons