Major S.R. Roy (retd)

•   Proprietor and lead trainer at Adventure Zone

•   Former Army officer who served for 16 years in the combat arm of the Indian Army

•   Specialised Commando instructor 

•   Participant of Basic and Advanced Labs on Human Processes run by the Indian Society for Applied Behavioral Sciences


A highly trained adventure sports enthusiast and instructor, Maj. Roy is one of the pioneers in designing and running OBTs in the country.  He has organized a few thousand programs over the years, working with IITs, IIMs, other management institutes, the RBI’s Staff College, etc., besides most reputed companies across old and new industries.

With strong facilitation skills, ability to connect with all levels of participants, and a sharp sense of humour, Maj. Roy handles OBTs across the spectrum, from boards of directors to shop floor workers. 

His programs are unique - they address the KRAs by seamlessly using adrenaline sports as the training tool. The facilitation ensures that the lessons being highlighted are unobtrusive and aren't top-down, but seem to emerge from the participants instead. This ensures a strong sense of ownership and reinforces the takeaways.

Besides Adventure Zone, Maj. Roy is the man behind Sadya, the unique fund-raiser for Vidya Sagar, a Chennai-based spastics support organization. Sadya is the country’s first inter-corporate adventure sports competition and has been going strong since 2002. 

Maj. Roy is also an enthusiastic Jeeper and one of the pioneers of India’s Off-Roading Movement. He helped launch and organize The Palar Challenge, India’s first 4WD Off-Roading Competition, for many years.