Our Philosophy on Safety

Safety, mental and physical is an integral part of the training process. It is as much the attitude, as people, that makes safety work. From the opening moments of the activity or the OBT, the participants are taught correct procedures and techniques. They are taught to think ' safety ' and that the more adventurous an undertaking, the more care and prudence needed. Our program is as safe as human ingenuity and experience can make it. Our equipment is first rate. Activities and OBTs are carefully planned and supervised and reviewed constantly. We have personnel trained in first aid.

Some of the other ways by which we maintain the high levels of safety

•   All activities are conducted under the personal supervision of Maj S.R. Roy (retd), a trained paratrooper & former commando instructor at the Army's Commando School

•   He is a qualified instructor in each of these adventure activities & has been conducting them since 1987

•   All the equipment is our own - nothing is hired or out-sourced.

•   Regular daily checks for wear and tear.

•   The equipment is used under a redundancy policy - a certain life is assigned to it, on the expiry of its life the equipment is discarded irrespective of its condition.

•   Our equipment conforms to the best international standards and is maintained under a stringent preventive schedule.

•   We have a specially trained and highly experienced crew for all activities.

•   Participants are given a detailed demo covering the equipment to be used, the correct technique of doing the activity and the safety measures in place before the start of any activity

•   All our activities and safety procedures are designed around the fact that the participants are novices with no prior experience and may not be as fit as they might like to be

•   Multi-layered checks are conducted at every stage of each activity

•   We have a crew of at least 7- 8 for each Parasailing launch

•   For the other activities, each participant is supported by a crew of at least 4

•   The jeep is custom-built for parasailing & maintained at peak performance levels

•   All activities are conducted under very close supervision

•   The use of alchohol or drugs is prohibited during the camp

•   First-aid: We have -

      - a well equiped first aid box

      - people trained in first-aid. Maj Roy, himself, is a fully qualified first-responder

      - a govt PHC half a km away

However, by definition, there are certain risks and dangers inherent in these adventure sports inspite of all the preventive measures. Participants must not only realise this but also take full responsibility for the risks involved. We request you to submit the Indemnity Bonds duly filled at the time of registration.