•   Rock-climbing is a mountaineering technique where one uses ropes and other equipment to ascend a vertical or near vertical cliff face

•   We are the first commercial operators in Chennai to construct an artificial Climbing wall and introduce people to this adrenaline sport

•   We have two identical Climbing walls which are vertical and 50 feet high 

•   It neither requires previous experience nor special skills or any great levels of physical fitness

•   While climbing natural rock faces the Climber has to make his own route and ensure his own safety. However, here the routes and safety are taken care of so that you can concentrate on the fun of climbing

•   The participant is shown a detailed demo that covers the equipment being used, the correct technique of doing the activity and the safety processes in place

•   There are crew members at the top and the bottom of the wall to talk you through every step of the way

•   The Climber wears a harness and is always attached to a safety rope 

•   The Climber and his equipment are checked at three points before he is allowed to do the activity

•   We use the "Top- Roping" method for belaying

•   A session costs Rs 600/- per head, plus taxes.  This covers, equipment, crew and instructions

•   Climbing is a great activity to use in our OBTs as it can be used to high-light a number of KRAs

•   When used in an OBT we structure the activity using a number of novel methods like configuring the scoring system, constraints on the resources/equipment/time, putting in a whole lot of terms of references which permit you or forbid you to behave in a certain way, or you may have to carry a cumbersome load, or do some other task along the way 

•   In an OBT its not the individual skill or effort in the activity that is important. What is of essence is the way in which the team deals with certain situations and issues

•   These reactions of the team are observed by the facilitator and are used to highlight the KRAs and bring out the lessons