T & C For Parasailing


1.    Participation in the program automatically implies your implicit agreement to abide by our terms and conditions as stated herein. Please ensure that all the participants are familiar with these terms and conditions.

2.    Every participant is required to fill a registration form and indemnity bond prior to the commencement of the program.

3.    The harness should fit properly. Participant’s weight should be between 50 to 110 kg. Generally, the harness does not fit people beyond these weight limits. Our decision on this is final and binding.

4.    The program will be confirmed on receipt of the payment.

5.    Maximum efforts are made to ensure the safety of participants. Since its inception in 1998, Adventure Zone has a 100% accident-free record. However, Adventure Zone, its management or employees cannot be held responsible for fatalities or injuries of any nature, mental or physical, whether caused directly or indirectly due to any adventure sports or their allied activities.

6.    This activity is totally dependent on the weather conditions.

7.    Flying is done only in the afternoon after 3 pm or once the sea breeze sets in.

8.    Flying may not happen or may have to stop at any moment due to safety issues / wind conditions.



9.    The fees for a standard 5 minute or 400 meter flight (whichever is longer) is Rs 1,500/- per head.

10.  GSTof 18 % is applicable on the ENTIRE billed amount.

11.  Cancellations are not permitted.

12.  If flying is cancelled due to weather conditions or equipment issues a 100% refund is given.

13.  No refunds will be given for absentees, late arrivals, individuals who cannot participate because they are not dressed as specified in the dress code or who cannot participate /complete the program for any other reasons.

14.  Children will be charged full rates.

15.  Tandem (2 persons at a time, wind permitting) flights will be charged 80% of full rates.

16.  Any expenses besides those covered by the fees (medical, etc) will NOT be borne by Adventure Zone.



17.  Flying is done, by towing with a Jeep, on a dry lake bed a few minutes from the camp site.

18.  People under the influence of liquor or with the smell of liquor on their breath will not be permitted to participate in the activities.

19.  Adventure Zone reserves the right to debar/ withdraw an individual from the program if he/she is found to be behaving in an unsuitable manner. No refunds will be given for such individuals.

20.  Adventure Zone reserves the right to use any/all photographs/videos taken during the program for publicity.

21.  Based on safety and weather considerations, Adventure Zone reserves the right to change or alter the program.

22.  All disputes are subject to Chennai jurisdiction.