•   Adventure Zone has its own 900 sq ft in-house kitchen with permanent staff. The kitchen has all the  amenities for producing healthy and hygienic food on site.

   We ensure that our food has the taste of “home” and is not the usual greasy mess that is available in some restaurants.

   Our menu is designed to cater for an outdoor environment. This helps in preventing heaviness, dehydration and heat exhaustion

   We have a “NO STORAGE” policy; We purchase dry rations, as required, specifically for each program. Fresh items are procured on a daily basis. This ensures that every ingredient is fresh from the market and every meal is straight off the stove and no food is ever stale or contaminated.

   All our dry rations are branded and bought from reliable vendors to ensure quality and avoid adulteration.

   We have both veg and non-veg options. 

   We try to procure Halal products but please do check with us.

   Separate utensils are used for cooking veg and non-veg food, and cooking oil etc is not mixed up or reused.

   All meals are served buffet style with separate counters for non-veg and dessert.

   The dining hall has adequate capacity to ensure that everyone can sit at a table while eating. There are plenty of fans to ensure comfort.

   Food is served warm in chafing dishes. Steel cutlery and dishes are used. Water tumblers and cups are glass. We try and use bio-degradable areca leaf plates and bowls whenever possible. All plastic is avoided.   

   All our drinking and cooking water comes from a RO plant.

   The kitchen and dining room can handle 450 guests competently and ensure they finish a meal in an hour, without queues or chaos. 

   All table and kitchen waste is disposed off in an eco-friendly way.

   We are FSSAI registered

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