•   Parasailing is an adventure sport that blends the exhilaration of flying, sailing and parachuting into a single experience

•   We are the first commercial operators in Chennai to introduce people to this adrenaline sport

•   It neither requires previous experience nor special skills

•   The flyer gets to see a demo and is briefed thoroughly before the flight

•   Harnessed to a parachute, the participant is towed by a jeep and lifted into the air

•   You DON’T have to run for take-off or landing

•   During the flight, the flyer does nothing except enjoy the view and the ride

•   The complete control is with the Jeep

•   At the end he is brought down to a safe and soft landing controlled by the jeep

•   The flyer wears a helmet, gloves and a harness and is always attached to the jeep with a tow rope

•   A standard flight takes you 200 feet high and lasts for 5 minutes or 400 meters (whichever is more)

•   Flights in Goa and Thailand don’t even last 90 seconds

•   A standard 5 minute flight costs Rs 1,500/-

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